Meet the Owners


TJ Hood

TJ founded HD Construction in 2017. As a¬†construction industry veteran with years of hands-on experience in the field, TJ had developed a deep knowledge of the construction industry. His expertise encompassed various aspects, including project management, construction processes, and on-site operations. TJ’s passion for the construction field and his desire to create a successful construction company laid the foundation for HD Construction.

Donnie Proffitt

Donnie, on the other hand, brought a diverse set of skills to the partnership. He possessed deep knowledge and experience in the realms of business, finance, and engineering. Donnie initially pursued a career in engineering, which provided him with a technical foundation. Subsequently, he transitioned into a business consulting role in 2019, leveraging his financial acumen and strategic insights to assist companies in optimizing their operations. Donnie’s experience in engineering and business equipped him with a unique perspective on construction projects.

How It All Began

TJ and Donnie’s partnership at HD Construction was forged through a combination of shared interests, mutual friendship, and recognition of their complementary skills.

Donnie and TJ first crossed paths in a church small group, where they quickly formed a strong friendship based on shared values and common interests. As they got to know each other better, they discovered their complementary skills and recognized the potential of combining their expertise to establish a successful construction company.

In 2019, Donnie officially became a business consultant for HD, using his financial knowledge to provide valuable insights and guidance to companies. His experiences further enhanced his understanding of project financing and financial analysis, making him an asset in the construction industry. Recognizing the value Donnie brought to the table, TJ approached him with the idea of partnering to establish HD Construction as a company that would leverage both their skill sets.

Impressed by TJ’s in-depth construction industry knowledge and experience, and recognizing the potential for synergy between their backgrounds, Donnie accepted the partnership offer in 2022. Their shared vision of creating a construction company that excelled in both technical execution and financial management solidified their partnership and set the stage for HD Construction’s continued growth and success.

Since forming their partnership, TJ and Donnie have led HD Construction on a path of success, combining their respective expertise to deliver high-quality construction projects while maintaining financial stability. Their friendship, shared values, and complementary skills have formed a strong foundation for the company’s growth and reputation within the industry.