The HD team is characterized by a culture of inclusivity, fostering an environment where diverse ideas and perspectives are valued and encouraged. Recognizing the strength that comes from collaboration, the team embraces the contributions of every member, creating a space where innovative solutions can thrive. Additionally, accountability is a core value within the HD team, as each individual takes responsibility for their actions and their impact on fellow team members, clients, and supply chain partners. This commitment to accountability ensures that projects are executed with integrity, transparency, and a high level of professionalism, ultimately resulting in successful outcomes and strong relationships with all stakeholders involved.

Meet the Two Teams

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Company Team
Charla Johnson is a dedicated and accomplished professional serving as the Office Manager at HD Construction. With a keen eye for detail and a diverse skill set, Charla focuses on key areas such as accounting, human resources, and field support. In her role, she ensures the smooth functioning of financial operations by managing accounts, overseeing budgeting and financial reporting. Charla also plays a vital role in HR, handling employee relations, recruitment, and fostering a positive work environment. Additionally, she provides valuable support in coordinating field activities, facilitating effective communication, and ensuring seamless collaboration between different teams. Charla Johnson's expertise and commitment contribute to the overall efficiency and success of HD Construction.
Charla Johnson

Office Manager

Stewart Wills


Donnie Proffitt

Owner/Company Operations

Field Team
Cody Brandenburgh

Project Manager

Joe Powers

Assistant Project Manager

TJ Hood

Owner/Field Operations