HD Construction was entrusted with a prestigious construction project at Greenbrier Country Club, a premier private club in Lexington, Kentucky. Our skilled team successfully executed a comprehensive scope of work, including the installation of various building components to enhance the club's facilities.
Our scope of work encompassed setting engineering light gauge metal trusses to ensure structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. We also expertly installed engineered load-bearing metal stud framing, providing a sturdy foundation for the building structure.
Additionally, our team handled plywood decking to establish a solid base, interior metal stud framing for partition walls, insulation for energy efficiency and soundproofing, drywall installation for seamless finishes, acoustical ceilings for enhanced sound control, and FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) installation for durable and moisture-resistant surfaces.
Throughout the project, we meticulously adhered to engineering specifications, architectural plans, and industry standards to deliver high-quality results that meet the club's exacting standards.