drywall construction

Did you know Drywall Construction helps slow and can even prevent the spread of fire?

In most modern commercial buildings, drywall construction is utilized to create the interior rooms within the structure. One of the benefits of using drywall construction is the fire-rating that can be achieved dependent on the number of drywall layers installed, this is always determined by the design professional along with state codes for each project. Drywall construction can also prevent the transmission of sound between spaces which is very important for conference rooms, offices space and restrooms.

There are many different types of drywall utilized in construction. The most common drywall utilized by HD Construction on projects is ⅝” FC “Type X”. This drywall has a much denser core and the components within the core help prevent the drywall from crumbling under the intense amounts of heat produced by a fire. One layer of ⅝” “Type X” each side of the wall provides a 1HR fire rating and increasing the number of layers to each side of the wall will increase the fire rating accordingly.

Knowing your fire-rating can be helpful in many ways and knowledge is power when it comes to fire safety. At HD we keep our clients safe through our knowledge and experiences in the field along with quality workmanship. Visit our website at www.hd-construction.org to stay current on our most recent projects and learn more about how we build HD Strong!

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