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Acoustic Ceiling Tile

Acoustic drop ceiling tiles can reduce noise by up to 70%. Let’s be honest, no one likes distracting noises.  Plus a drop ceiling system is a great way to add value to your home or business.  Ask us how!

Benefits of Acoustic Ceiling Tile

Acoustic Ceiling Tile – Installing acoustic ceiling tiles in buildings can significantly help reduce noise. They can absorb sound and reduce echoes while also preventing sound from traveling to nearby spaces. But sound control isn’t the only benefit these insulation solutions offer. They can also:

  • Help increase energy efficiency
  • Help improve year-round comfort
  • Enhance interior spaces without extensive renovation work
  • Hide unattractive wires, pipes and ductwork

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What Locations Do We Serve?

Our brick and mortar office is currently located in Richmond, KY but we serve all of Central and Eastern KY locations.  If you are in the market for Acoustic Ceiling Tile, give us a call today, or send us a message and see how HD Interiors can help you finish your project on time and exactly how you dreamed it!  You can also check out our Facebook here!

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